Thursday, February 20, 2003

Further on Publicola's earlier mention of the Illinois Democrats' issuance of a call for the ban of the .500 S & W Magnum revolver:

Innocent ignorance is forgivable. Deliberate and malicious stupidity is a different matter.

It was bound to happen, I suppose. Less than a week after the close of the annual S.H.OT. show, during which Smith & Wesson formally announced the introduction of its new .500 S & W Magnum revolver, we are informed that The Honorable Danny Davis (D-Ill) is outraged.

Notwithstanding that this firearm weighs over 4-1/2 pounds empty, has a barrel over 8” long, is practically impossible to shoot with any degree of accuracy from a one-handed grip, and that the only available ammunition to feed it at this juncture costs over $2.00 per round, Rep. Davis feels that this firearm would be just the ticket for gang-bangers to stuff in their waistbands for a night on the town. To that end, he’s calling for a ban on the manufacture and sale of the model, claiming that “You don't go out hunting deer with a revolver.” Huh?

From Rep. Davis’ own home state, we have this. Roughly a quarter of the way down the page, you’ll note that the State of Illinois has special regulations for Handgun-Only deer hunting. Those of us who are sport shooters, hunters, and fishermen are constantly reminded that ignorance of the law won’t get you off the hook. That’s generally true for us, of course. However, if you’re a Statist legislator who can’t be bothered to familiarize himself with the regulations on the books governing your own constituency, you’ll probably get a pass. Far easier to trot out the standard Liberal playbook regarding gun control issues, and naturally you must remember to invoke the argument that “It’s For The Children(TM)”.

Note to Rep. Davis: Stick with something you know. This clearly isn’t it.

Further note to The Honorable Mr. Davis’ constituency: Vote this blight on the political landscape out of office at your earliest opportunity (now, sadly, more than a year hence).


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