Wednesday, November 12, 2003

I ran across this amazing editorial about a woman's metamorphosis from an ardent anti-gunner to an advocate of freedom and a defender of Second Amendment rights.

"...I’m not sure which is more embarrassing – the ignorance I displayed in my previous attitude, or the speed at which I was convinced how wrong I was by someone I barely knew. Oh, I tried to put up a fight with the person who started all of this, but I found out quickly how truly unarmed I was. I found nothing on the Internet to support my arguments, and everything to support his.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I tried to bluff my way through the debates, but I realized I was doomed when it wasn’t long before all I had left was "well, I’m against guns because, um, because, well, I just am!"

So, eventually I grudgingly admitted hell had indeed frozen over, and I was wrong." ...

This woman's epiphany was the visible result of what we all already know. There is absolutely no evidence to support the mantra that gun control saves lives. None. Nothing.

The anti-freedom movement has to manipulate its data in order to effectively push its agenda. Their research is full of misrepresentation, and their arguments are full of holes.

The British gun control experiment has been a complete disaster, making Britain the most violent country in Europe, and rendering its subjects defenseless against armed criminals. According to a 2001 report, a quarter of all English are victims of crime. Overall victimization in Britain ranked second in the world after another gun control "utopia" - Australia.

How much more proof do they need?

Allison Brown got it. When will the rest of them?

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