Wednesday, November 26, 2003

There are some really scary people among the enemies of freedom.

It's amazing that someone would actually wish pain and death on a peaceable citizen who wants nothing more than to preserve our freedoms. The gun control advocates assert that we are the violent ones - we're the paranoid - we're the ones relishing the thought of shooting someone, while at the same time, some of their cohorts spew hatred from every pore.

Here is my reply to this particular psychotic:

Dear Mr. Bellamy,

Your sick, hateful letter to Mr. Shamaya of has prompted me to do something I have NEVER done before: write a reply to someone with so little human decency that he actually wishes pain and suffering on another human being, his innocent infant son and his wife and mother just because he disagrees with that person's political views.

Why would anyone want to own an AK-47? The obvious answer is "why not?" Why should anyone who wants to own an effective tool of self defense have to justify their "need" to you, to the state or to anyone else? Who are YOU to tell peaceable, law-abiding citizens what they should and should not own? Who are YOU to determine anyone's need? All YOU need to know, sir, is that an AK-47 in the hands of a law-abiding citizen is no more dangerous than a sword, an axe, a power drill or a Ferrari.

But people like you don't understand tyranny, because they have never lived under its yoke. You don't understand what it's like to have to justify your reading habits, your purchases, your very existence to the state. You don't understand the meaning of freedom. You are afraid of it and the personal responsibility it demands. And your fear is causing you to lash out in hate toward those who are brave enough to embrace true freedom and treasure the responsibility involved in preserving it.

You have stated that Mr. Shamaya represents all that is wrong with America (and the world).

I'm wondering why it is you feel that a man who is fighting tyranny warrants such strong sentiments. I'm wondering why a man who treasures human life enough to fight for the people's right to protect it warrants your spite. And I'm wondering what kind of subhuman monster wishes death upon the innocent family of said man.

Many people have written me with sentiments similar to yours, hoping that I die a heinous, painful death by gunfire, hoping that my family is shot, my life ruined by guns. They then proceed to interrogate me about why I choose to carry my gun. "Are you paranoid?" they ask. "Do you relish the thought of shooting someone?" "Do you see bad guys around every corner?"

My only answer to people like you, who publicly threaten innocents - women and children, in particular - is, "Look in the mirror."

Nicki Fellenzer
Newslinks Director

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