Thursday, December 04, 2003

Florida citizens have some strong words for the tyrannical bureaucrats who continue to victimize Melvin Spaulding

Here are some of the excerpts of the letters they sent about Mr. Spaulding's plight.

"When three young men are beating the hell out of a 63-year-old man, that is not a simple fistfight. If you want to talk about "excessive force," I'd say that's what they were using. No one has the right to put his hands on anyone else against that person's approval. I applaud the actions of Melvin Spaulding. He should be given a good citizen award." ...

"It's a good thing our legal system is looking out for the rights of the alleged attackers. They sure aren't looking out for the rights of Mr. Spaulding or his friend, George Lowe."

One punch can be deadly

However, the police arrested the man on a charge of attempted murder, saying he should have called 911, and that he can only shoot at aggressors to prevent them from "killing someone or causing great bodily harm."

What short memories some people have. Forget the fact that a man can be long dead before the police respond to a 911 call. Have they forgotten Christopher Fannan? One punch was all it took to kill the 18-year-old kid. And Chris isn't the only person who has been killed recently by a punch to the head. How do we tell the family of Chris Fannan that being attacked by three men can't do "great bodily harm"?

There's little to study

"Once again Pinellas County has proven its stupidity by jailing an elderly man for protecting a friend from a group of teens. I am appalled that the state attorney has to even study, much less "carefully study," this to determine if the man being beaten was in danger of losing his life, which caused his friend to shoot one of the teens.

Maybe the state attorney should be put in a room and kicked by a group of teens to see if his life would be in danger. The state attorney would probably determine his life is in danger and would probably have no problem dropping all charges of attempted murder on this man and charge the teens with attempted murder.

Thanks, Pinellas County, you make me proud - not!"

A right to be a victim

"Call 911? That's a real joke! By the time the police got there, George Lowe could have been dead.

Come on - wake up, folks. It's tyranny when a person cannot defend himself but has a right to be a victim." ...

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