Thursday, December 04, 2003

The Travesty of Justice Continues in Florida

Just when you thought Melvin B. Spaulding couldn't be treated any worse, after having defended his 63-year-old friend and neighbor against violent thugs, who had him on the ground and were mercilessly kicking him...

After holding this heroic man in jail for defending another's life, the authorities who claimed he should have dialed 9-1-1 and watched as his friend was being violently victimized, have now deprived him of his right to defend himself with the most effective tool on the market today.

According to the above-referenced story, "Spaulding has a concealed weapons permit, but as part of his release he’s been told he cannot have a gun."

Now, remember, no formal charges have been filed against Mr. Spaulding. As a matter of fact, the "benign public servants" who saw it fit to arrest Mr. Spaulding on charges of ATTEMPTED MURDER (completely disregarding the fact that he stopped three slimebags, who were kicking an elderly man on the ground), in their infinite benevolence "have not decided" whether or not they would file formal charges this heroic man. But nonetheless, in their tyrannical and constitutionally ignorant fashion, the authorities are treating Mr. Spaulding like a criminal and depriving him of his right to keep and bear arms, even as two of the three attackers are walking around, free to victimize yet more defenseless people.

Words fail me.

It's difficult to address this travesty without outrage.

Mr. Spaulding's ordeal is indicative of how far we have fallen as a society. Instead of praising and rewarding heroes like Mr. Spaulding, the system punishes them for being self reliant, for being courageous and for failing to depend on the nanny state or ask government for permission to defend a life. And while their public servants continue to wield the whip of tyranny over them, the ignorant, subservient sheeple simply bow their heads and obey and bleat in relief that they don't have to take responsibility for their own lives and well-being.

Melvin B. Spaulding's ordeal is a symptom of a gargantuan, black cancer that's eating away at the very fabric of our society and of our humanity. And unless we wake up and take immediate action, we will be swallowed next.

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