Wednesday, March 10, 2004


And just when you thought things couldn't get any more absurd down under, the Australian government presents.....


Yes, folks! Not satisfied with their ban on virtually every gun...

...thinking that having jack booted thuggies knocking on gun owners' doors to check if their firearms are stored properly is just not enough to keep the kiddies in Australia safe, dependent on government and virtually catatonic...

...the petty insane tyrants have decided that swords are a no-no!

All for the children, of course.

I'm thinking maybe the next step is to ban knives, scissors, nail files, razors and some keys that are just too sharp. After all, food can be pre-cut before sale, also creating the favorable side effect of manufacturing low-paying, taxpayer-footed jobs for those who are too stupid to get a job scraping up road kill from the nation's highways. After all, who wouldn't want an exciting career as a food pre-cutter, right? Body hair can remain long. Who cares if the entire population of Australia begins to look like Cousin It? It's for the children, after all! And people don't need keys anyway. They can just leave their homes unlocked to make it easier for the burglars to make a living. Nails can be bitten off - chewed to the quick. Oooh - wait a minute. Can't have that. Better ban teeth while you're at it. Who cares if a few thousand dentists are out of a job! They can obtain gainful employment as food pre-cutters.

Absurd? Perhaps. But not any more absurd than this sword ban.

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