Thursday, March 18, 2004

"Fort Wayne Outs the Gun Nuts"

Here's a bit of a follow-up to that Indiana story by ChronWatch's Doc Farmer.

As Publicola mentioned below, this podunk, fish wrap of a newspaper decided that since the list of people with concealed carry permits is public domain, they'd dig it up and publish their information for all the world to read. I kept wondering why they would do a thing like this.

Why would they lump those who choose to carry concealed with rapists and murderers - the types of people you would definitely want to know about if they decided to move into your neighborhood.

Why would they publish personal information about people whose only "crime" is that they had to ask the government permission to exercise their constitutional rights?

Why would they subject law-abiding citizens to unnecessary scrutiny, bigotry, possible employment problems at the hands of gun bigots, etc.?

Doc Farmer finally got the editor, Linda Austin, to admit that the reason they did it "to foment debate." That's right, folks! They didn't threaten to expose thousands of gun owners out of any misguided sense of duty or even paranoia. They planned to put lawful, peaceable citizens on the same platform as perverts and murderers to get people talking about their podunk, fish wrap of a newspaper.

Farmer has another viable theory about why these gun bigots would pull this stunt:

However, I think it’s much simpler than that. The News-Sentinel, as I said earlier, is not quite as left leaning as the morning paper here. Moreover, since both newspapers work in the same building, this must be the cause of much embarrassment for the evening paper staff. The Doonsbury crowd from the Journal Gazette must pelt their News-Sentinel counterparts with croissants and tease them mercilessly for not being rabidly left-wing enough. The News-Sentinel journalists, tired of using the same ''Aw, your mother wears Birkenstocks'' retort, decided they were going to regain their lib/dem/soc/commie ''street cred'' and call some much-needed attention to themselves. I’m sure they’ll get all kinds of plaudits in leftist ''journalism'' reviews and magazines like the CJR and AJR, and they won’t be so lonely at newspaper awards ceremonies.

Possible. Very very possible.

In any case, you might want to contact the Fort Wayne News Sentinel and inform Linda that you aren't impressed with her little paper-selling ploy.

Linda Austin

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