Friday, March 26, 2004

This week on Armed Females of America, I wrote an article called "Turning schools into victim disarmament zones." When I sat down to write, I tried to control my ever rising temper from boiling over and spilling onto my keyboard. But now that I think about it, more needs to be said...

...not just about school victim disarmament zones, but about stupid, worthless, gutless, clueless, tyrannical politicians who breed this atmosphere of paranoid hoplophobia in which we live. So here goes ...

The schools are just the beginning. Schools are a way to indoctrinate the population into the mindset of government dependence, destruction of freedom and mindless obedience from a very young age. Public schools are under the control of the politicians - both local, state and federal. Their funding depends on how well they parrot the political agenda of the moment and how loudly and wetly they kiss the derrieres of the politicians setting the political agenda. They are taught that armed guards in schools are there for their protection, but students themselves are not worthy enough, intelligent enough or responsible enough to also take a modicum of responsibility for their own safety. They are taught that firearms in the hands of the armed police are necessary tools, while firearms their parents may own must be locked away, because in the hands of the "civilians" they aren't. The children are pounded with propaganda about the absolute need to lock up your tool of self defense and encouraged to nag their parents into using government-provided locks (obtained by stealing money from the taxpayers, of course) to disable their firearms. They are taught that water guns, GI Joe guns, small knives to cut their fruit, laser pointers and even rubber bands can be used as weapons and must not be tolerated.

These same children, who are endlessly inundated with hoplophobic, paranoid, bigoted garbage about the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, citizen militias, guns and freedom, grow up to be paranoid, bigoted college students who spend their days growing their armpit and leg hair (for women) and facial hair (for men -- and even some women) as long as possible, washing as little as possible and spewing socialist propaganda disguised as "progressive," for the children, for a better world, common good policy for a brighter future and a sunny, green world filled with rare insects, tropical birds, killer cougars and a few unwashed humans.

Is it any wonder, then, that the bureaucrats and government flunkies of today are so indoctrinated into the disarmament mentality? After all, you cannot impose your version of utopia on an unsuspecting public without quelling insurrection, can you? You can't force an entire population to be dependent on the omnipresent, ever-benevolent state, without taking away their means of smacking down or destroying that state should it become tyrannical, can you? And you certainly can't expect the sheep to worship the state without removing the concepts of freedom, of personal responsibility and of individual rights from their minds.

I am convinced that this is the true purpose behind the increasingly absurd zero-tolerance policies of our public schools. This is why they expel gold twinkies from their rectums at the very thought of a kid wearing a shooting sports T-shirt to school. This is the real reason why they force the children and teachers alike to worship at the altar of victimhood, disarmament and government dependence. That's why they lock down schools at the mere thought of an armed intruder, locking every disarmed and helpless body inside with the potentially dangerous criminal and force the frightened, vulnerable students and teachers to wait for the armed police protectors to arrive, compelling them to depend on government guns for their very lives.

Because once they take away every last shred of dignity, personal responsibility and freedom, individuals who have the gall to shake off the tentacles of government control can be easily beaten down by the state without too much protest from the rest of the sheep.

Think about it -- aside from the gun rights community and freedom advocates, who raised an eyebrow when Ron Dixon was prosecuted by NYC for defending his family against a violent repeat offender who broke into his home without getting several-hundred dollar permission from the tyrannical panty wetters of New York? Who was outraged when Hale DeMar was harrassed by the foul, cowardly, statist cops in Wilmette, IL for daring to protect his family with a firearm, instead of cowering in his locked bedroom and waiting for the donut munchers to arrive? Who protested when Melvin Spaulding had to spend time in jail for using a firearm to protect his 63 year old friend from being kicked to death by a band of thugs? And who is raging now, as Edwin Marte, who had the nerve to stop an armed robber from robbing the Ramon Food Market in Queens without getting permission from the nanny state, is being prosecuted for using an "illegal" tool of self defense to protect life and property?

Are the people of America angry? Are they incensed? Are millions of Americans angry at this injustice? No. A few thousand dedicated gun owners and gun rights advocates are. The rest of the indoctrinated American sheep, go about their daily business, watch Friends, gorge on McDonald's burgers and delude themselves into thinking they are free.

Whew! I feel better now.

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