Wednesday, March 10, 2004

UK: MP faces calls to resign over gun speech

Can the Brits get anymore charmingly stalinist?

After one of their conservative government officials had the brass hemorrhoids to speak the truth about the ineffectiveness and downright absurdity of their gun ban, the sheeple, hanky-wringing mommies and idiot bureaucrats are now calling for his resignation.

For the record, here's what Patrick Mercer said:

"It is clearly highly undesirable that people get killed on the roads by motor cars. But we don't ban motor cars. People need to learn how to drive a motor car safely and have respect for it."

Mercer also stated that instead of teaching children to be afraid of guns and banning them, the British should be teaching kids to have a respect for firearms and giving them the knowledge of how to use them safely.

He described the ban on handguns in the wake of the 1996 Dunblane massacre as "nonsense" and "a kneejerk reaction."

Well.................... That just set off the British panty-wetters in an uproar! The British equivalent of the "Thousand or so posing as million Moron Mommies" - something called "Mothers Against Murder and Agression" - called Mr. Mercer's comments "crass" and "appalling." As if giving children the knowledge about how to properly use the most effective tool of self defense on the market was an insult. As if teaching personal responsibility rather than using government force to impose ignorance is horrifying.

So in response to the few vocal sheeple who got their panties in a wad because of his comments, Patrick Mercer backpedaled faster than a circus clown on a unicycle.

"Mr Mercer responded to criticism yesterday by saying that his comments had been taken out of context. The politician claimed he had said that only children in rural communities should be taught how to use 'non-lethal' weapons such as air rifles as a prelude to using shotguns in later life.

He said: 'I made no mention of children being taught to use handguns. The only thing I said was that in rural areas it made sense for things like airguns and BB guns to be handled by children so that in later life, when they have access to shotguns, they knew how to handle them safely and with respect.' "

It's so sad to see how far the British have slid into the mire of ignorance, cowardice and general lack of decency. Their insistence on closing their eyes to the blood running in the streets caused by their government's unilateral victim disarmament and insistence on further pushing government dependence despite their government's very pronounced failure to protect the citizenry just stresses how absolutely crucial our battle for our rights is.

Lest we wind up like the Brits, cowering, wallowing in our own pathetic inadequacy and impotence and relying upon government bureaucrats and their armed thug agents for our very lives.

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