Saturday, December 05, 2015

Foreign And Domestic

The case of Sudden Jihad Syndrome in California appears to actually be an episode of Premature Jihadilation (as explained by Nikki). Though Cali has arguably the strictest gun owner control laws in the nation, that didn't stop Jihad Joe and Jane from simply ignoring them and others (such as the ones prohibiting murder). The reaction form some quarters has been predictable in direction, though a bit surprising in degree. Michael Bane points out that indeed, they want to take away our firearms. The NYT editorial that Mr. Bane mentions is fisked by Miss Claire, who notes that the first front page editorial from the NYT since 1920 is all about gun owner control with innuendos of confiscation. David Codrea notes that it may be time to add another line to the Hickenlooper Blues. He links to a Denver Post interview where Bloomberg's that nasty little fascist from NYC's chief public servant in Colorado claims he's talking with folks about adding more constitutionally repugnant gun owner control laws here. For those of you with any sort of faith in the Colorado GoP, I'd point to the DP article Mr. Codrea links to, wherein Hicky claims he's in talks with those who previously opposed any more gun owner control laws but now say they're open to them, and this was prior to the latest breakout of SJS (or PJ) in Cali. Given the talk about cutting a deal for 30 rounders a while back, I'd also keep an eye on the local (and national for that matter) pro-gun groups to make sure they aren't trying to pull a Chamberlain Gottlieb (again or again).

It's easy to see who are enemies are when they call for disarmament, whole or partial. But I would also caution that our enemies aren't just the ones that try to enact new laws to impose upon our Rights, but also those that try to protect laws that currently impose upon our Rights. Y'all have probably heard that attempts at passing new gun owner control laws were stopped in the senate last week. What I fear may be overlooked is that an attempt to loosen a very burdensome situation was also stopped. Via David Codrea I found this article from the Hill, explaining Rand Paul's attempt to force D.C. to issue concealed carry permits to residents and non residents as well as honoring out of town permits. Of course I'm not happy with anything short of constitutional carry (no permit required to carry a weapon, openly or discreetly), but no one voting against Paul's measure, including Kirk from Illinois (who for some inexplicable reason has an "R" beside his name) did so for the sake of a constitutional carry bill being brought to the floor.

Billll contemplates calling out the militia. While making a formal call may not be uncalled for, it may not be necessary either, as most folks I know of are making it a point to be not only cautious but prepared. With advanced warning, calling out the militia may just be the thing to do. But the threat we have is non specific; there's no particular area or even type of place that we're certain the enemy will fling itself against (though it's not a bad bet that there'll be a victim disarmament sign outside whatever locale they pick next). Militia historically have not always been summoned by some central authority. If the Reivers descended upon your village, you didn't wait for word from the chief - you cried the alarm as you grabbed your spear and sword and went out to repel the invaders.

I'll also remind folks, cause it's worth reminding folks about, that a little over 14 years ago the militia, who had been disarmed by the feds, was called into service. But instead of having a .380 in his pocket as was his birthright, the Feds gave Todd Beamer a food cart and told him to go do his duty. They have not admitted their mistake, and in fact have doubled down on unconstitutionally disarming the citizenry that wish to travel. So in Detroit, upstate NY and D.C. you have public servants that are in effect calling forth the militia, telling folks to be prepared and to be vigilant. But in those places, and too many others, an immoral process of permitting or licensing is in place that has at the least a chilling effect on people exercising their Right to carry weapons.

We have enemies outside of this country that seek to send their agents in for the purpose of attacking us. Bear in mind that we also have enemies within this country that, while being too cowardly to attack us directly, would use the law to disparage our Rights to the point that we are defenseless against direct attacks. While being cautious and looking out for the former, don't get blindsided by the latter.

And in case you've forgotten, appeasement is for chumps.

Thursday, December 03, 2015

A Few Losses

Sadly, Dean Dillabaugh passed in mid-October. He ran Dean's Gun Restorations whose motto is "Life's too short to shoot an ugly gun". The business he started is still operating and from what I've seen doing nice work.

Also, Jim Dubell of Delta Gun Shop and Clearwater Reboring passed away back in July.

I never had occasion to do any business with either of the aforementioned gentleman, but their work was reputed to be of the highest quality in their respective fields. They will be missed.

What They Think Of You

 Joe Huffman has a category on his blog labeled as "This is what they think of you". When I stumbled upon the following story it definitely came to mind.

A Nazi who worked at Auschwitz was tried for complicity in the murders of 300,000 people. He received a 4 year prison sentence.

Keep in mind, having a shotgun with a barrel that's 17.99" long sans a $200 tax stamp can land you as much as 10 years in the pen.

In Cali, possessing an "assault weapon" or a .50 BMG rifle contrary to the law will net you a minimum of 4 years in prison.

In Illinois possessing a firearm without a FOID will land you up to 1 year in prison.

In NY possessing three or more firearms, an "assault weapon" or a "high capacity ammunition feeding device" carries up to a 7 year sentence. If you have five or more firearms, or one that's loaded, then it's up to 15 years.

Possessing a handgun without the proper permit in Iowa or Massachusetts can fetch 2 years in prison. In NJ it's 3 years minimum.

Merely exercising a constitutionally enumerated Right if your papers are not in order can cause you to spend anywhere from 1/4 to almost 4 times the prison sentence of a Nazi that helped the death machine at Auschwitz murder 300,000 people. (Granted, the Nazi should have gotten more - I've long thought that the nooses at Nuremberg should have had cooks & clerks as well as commanders - but the point still stands, that if you own or carry a firearm then you're equivocal to an evil person that belonged to an evil group.)

That's what they think of you.