Friday, December 22, 2017


Liberty Doll (over on the youtubes) sums up some of the objections to the "Fix NICS" act which has been added to the national reciprocity bill in the house. For myself it's simple; if any changes to the prohibited persons list do not involve eradicating the prohibited persons list then it's not cool enough. Background checks exist for one purpose only - to deny the wrong people their Rights. And lest we forget, upwards of 94% of the time that denial is a false positive. Then there's that pesky little thing about putting government in God's place (the theory being, since God granted Natural Rights then only God may legitimately interfere with them, so since government is deciding who may or may not engage in a natural Right - owning or carrying weapons in this case - then we've put government in the place of God) which, at least for folks of a religious inclination, should give folks pause about such a system no matter its (allegedly) benign intentions.

But listen to the Doll le Liberty as she makes the case concisely for not supporting the "Fix Nics" amendment.

Thursday, December 21, 2017


Just the yearly post (albeit a bit later than I was planning) full of well wishes & music of questionable utility. Now let me see if I remember how to embed stuff...