Saturday, August 23, 2003

I just stumbled upon a neat little essay that discusses the 14th Amendment, federalism & activist judiciaries. It's called Queer Eye for the 14th Amendment. The by-line says it was written by August 21, 2003 but I'm pretty sure that's a typo. It was found over at The Colorado Freedom Report. There are a lot of decent articles over there & I would recommend browsing the site if you have the time.

Friday, August 22, 2003

Kevin of The Smallest Minority has a post up entitled RACIST!™ about U.S. vs. European crime rates & possible causes. It's worth a read.

The only thing I would add is that it is my understanding that culture is the thing we should look at. Culture does tend to follow racial lines, but it is the culture, not any sort of genetic or hereditary qualities that could explain the stats.

But go read Kevin's thoughts on the matter.

Thursday, August 21, 2003

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The Means, Knowledge & Will to resist

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Florida Constitution & concealed carry

Fisking of NC SB 919 (Domestic Violence law) Sunday August 10th 3:08 a.m.


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I was going to call it a day but then I came across this story about NYC's finest in action.

"While some city workers struggled to protect New Yorkers in the midst of the blackout, a city traffic agent wrote summonses even as private citizens directed traffic at a busy intersection yards away."

To protect & serve, huh? NYC makes it very burdensome to aquire permission to defend yourself, yet during a power outage they're trying to fill a ticket quota???

"About a half-hour into Thursday's power outage, Dr. Robert Richter and two other New Yorkers took it upon themselves to ease the traffic jam at West 79th Street and Amsterdam Avenue.

Then, 15 minutes later, an NYPD traffic-enforcement car rolled up, but instead of directing traffic, the agent tagged a pair of cars on West 79th Street, Richter said.

"When I saw the flashing lights and the cars pull up, I said, Oh, relief is here,' Richter told The Post. 'Then they got out of the car and started writing tickets.'
'After they finished writing tickets, they drove away - I couldn't believe this. I was just amazed.'
At least 10 onlookers implored the agent not to write citations on the cars, a witness said.
But the stone-faced summons man said nothing, wrote the tickets and drove off. "

uh-huh. Glad to see they're not letting a little thing like a total power failure across the region affect their ticket quotas. I wonder if they get paid by commission?

"But a picture showing the agent writing a summons - with Richter directing traffic in the background - was worth considerably less than 1,000 words to a Police Department spokesman.
The spokesman said the department would not comment unless they saw a copy of the summons.
He also declined to check whether any summonses were issued after the blackout began."

So Baghdad Bob is now doing PR for the NYPD?

As I believe I have mentioned before, if you were thinking about vacationing in NYC, might I recommend NC instead? Lovely beaches, pretty mountains & open carry for everyone.
Mr. William Gates will not be prosecuted. Mr. Gates, if you recall is a resident of Charleston, S.C. who shot two men that were having a gunfight in his front yard with a third man. Mr. Gates' firearms have been returned, except for the shotgun he used to defend his home & community.

But let us move on to a closer examination of the Charleston Post & Courier article which relays this good news:

"Solicitor Ralph Hoisington said Tuesday he will not seek criminal charges against a West Ashley homeowner who shot two men waging a shootout in his front yard earlier this month.
Hoisington said he concluded that 67-year-old William Gates did nothing illegal Aug. 1 when he stepped onto the porch of his Tripe Street home and opened fire with a shotgun. Gates thought a shot had been fired in his direction, and he was defending himself and his home, he said

Sounds alright so far, although why it took 19 days to figure this out is a bit curious.

"While I'm not necessarily encouraging this type of action, I do not intend to prosecute in this case,' Hoisington said."

Not necessarily encouraging justifiable self defense?

"Gates, a semi-retired brick mason, said he was pleased by the decision 'because I know darn well I didn't go on the other side of the law.'
'I'm sorry it happened, but I feel I did the right thing,' he said."

It seems that everyone but the Solicitor knew damn well that Mr. Gates was within the limits of S.C.'s self defense laws.

"Hoisington's announcement came the same day Charleston police filed assault and weapons charges against one of the men Gates shot.
Christopher Hampton, 22, is accused of wounding 27-year-old Kevin Hazel during the initial 4:40 a.m. shootout outside Gates' home.
Police say Hampton shot Hazel in the back after the two argued. Hazel's brother, 24-year-old Montez Hazel, then reportedly opened fire on Hampton, said Detective Sgt. Barry Goldstein
The gunfire woke Gates, who grabbed his 12-gauge Browning automatic shotgun, stepped outside and fired three blasts at the men, wounding Hampton in the abdomen and Montez Hazel in the torso, police said

hmmm. Interesting. It is unfortunate that the other gentleman, Mr. Hazel, seemed to be defending himself & perhaps his brother & this was undiscernable to Mr. Gates. But when you believe you're being shot at, & you see two people with guns drawn it is not always wise to play 20 questions before you start to defend yourself.

"Hampton, who was released from the hospital last week, surrendered to authorities Monday night at the Charleston County jail, Goldstein said.
He is charged with assault and battery with intent to kill and possessing a firearm during a violent crime.
Magistrate Jack Guedalia denied bail Tuesday on the assault count and set bail at $200,000 on the firearms violation."

I'm hoping there was some kind of mistake. Mr. Hampton, who shot someone in the back & thereby instigated this whole incident, was released on his own recognizance? He voluntarily turned himself in when he thought it was proper? Not that I'm saying they should have held him w/o specifying charges, my point is they should have charged him before he was released. especially considering that at the time the Charleston P.D. had disarmed the man who had shot him.

"The Hazel brothers remained hospitalized in fair condition while recovering from their wounds, Goldstein said."

Hopefully they'll recover quickly.

"Two of the three men have previous drug convictions, according to Charleston County court records.Police confiscated Gates' shotgun and six other guns inside his home, but he was not arrested. Charles-ton Police Chief Reuben Greenberg said Gates merely was protecting himself and his home."

This is the part that bothers me: they took all of Mr. Gates weapons. All. After he had just shot two people that are believed to be involved in the drug trade in a moderate to high crime neighborhood. The Charleston P.D. Chief even said at the time it was self defense, but yet they still disarmed Mr. Gates.

"South Carolina case law historically has upheld the use of deadly force as a defense when a person's life and home are threatened.
In 2001, former attorney gener-al Charlie Condon instituted a home-invasion policy that protected citizens from prosecution for defending themselves against intruders.
Hoisington said the Tripe Street case caused him "a little concern" because Gates was outside his home when he fired on the men. The case would have been more clear-cut if Gates had been threatened inside his home, he said.
'I think there is a fine line between defending your residence and defending your property,' he said."

So it took him 19 days to figure out which side of the self defense laws Mr. Gates was on? I wonder if he is stressing the part about defending ones' property being distinguishable from defending your residence so there'll be no question by a citizen should he wish to take someone elses' property?

"Today's guns, however, have the ability to pierce walls, increasing the threat to those inside a home, Hoisington said. Gates also was entitled to go out to his porch to see what was happening, even if that might not have been the prudent thing to do, he said."

Yep. todays guns are far more powerful than those old, antiquated cartridges that were used in the ballistic dark ages. I mean who could really be satisfied with the 2914 foot-pounds of muzzle energy generated by a 165 grain bullet from the almost 100 yeard old .30-06 cartridge? I mean how can that compare to anything we have today? Just because it has killed everything on the planet that walks is no reason to even think about comparing it to the wondeful cartridges we have today. For example let's look at the military's choice of (ahem) rifle cartridge - the 5.56x45mm NATO (Actually we're looking at data for the .223 Remington which is virtually identical to the 5.56x45mmNATO Catridge): How can that almost century old cartridge compare to the whopping 1285 foot-punds of energy that a 55 grain bullet in this just over thirty year old cartidge generates at the muzzle?

Disregarding the solicitor's ignorance of external ballistics I am glad he felt that Mr. Gates was 'entitled' to go on to his porch & see exactly who the hell was shooting at him. Very generous of him.
Although I don't think the solicitor realizes that it may have in fact been the prudent thing to do. Granted, the situation wasn't quit what Mr. Gates thought it was at the time, but suppose those men had been firing at the Gates home with the intent on killing Mr. Gates. Then suppose that they decided to enter the home & make sure that Mr. Gates was dead.
I realize that Mr. Gates probably would have defended himself inside his home as he did outside his home, but things change just a bit in close quarters. A shotgun will throw a decent pattern at 20 yards, but withing 10 feet & the shot is still compacted together. just a little over .75 in diameter. Now if that shot would hit someone it would be devastating, but the chances of missing are greatly increased as oppossed to shooting at a distance that would allow the pattern to open up. Then again, perhaps Mr. Gates' aim wouldn't be a concern at that distance. But shooting at two men with a shotgun when they are shooting at you at fairly close range is far more dangerous than shooting at two men who are shooting at you from a distance. In short I have no doubt that Mr. Gates would have shot at least one person had they chose to enter his home, but the odds of him shooting both & emerging unscathed are greatly increased when the distance is close.

So when confronted with a direct & immediate threat as Mr. Gates believed at the time, it is best to engage them at a distance. I feel his actions may have been the most prudent he could have taken given the information he had to work with.

"When there is a perception that you are being fired upon, I think it's fairly clear you can return fire,' he said."

Then why didn't he just say that & leave the other BS alone?

"Gates said police have returned all of his guns but the shotgun, and he expects to get that back soon. He said no one has sought retribution against him for the shooting and that the drug dealers have stayed clear of his property."

Imagine that...shoot a couple of people in your front yard & criminals avoid you! Although not as common as it would seem from watching TV, retaliatory crimes do happen & should be of a concern to anyone involved in such a situation. especially when the local PD completely & totally disarms you.

I am glad that The Charleston PD returned 6 of Mr. Gates' firearms. I wouldn't be surprised if that had something to do with all the people calling up the Charleston PD & writing e-mails to the mayor. For that I thank all of you who put forth the effort.

But Mr. Gates is too kind. He expects he'll get his shotgun back soon? If I were him I'd have demanded the second they decided not to prosecute that the cop who actually confiscated it immediately go retrieve it & drop it off at the house. There is no justification for holding the shotgun now that charges are not going to be pursued. Not that there was justification for confiscating all of his firearms in the first place. They should return the gun immediately, if not sooner.

"The place is clean since it happened,' he said. 'I just hope they be cool and stay away from my place with that stuff.'
Gates said he has received more than 200 calls -- some from as far away as Canada and Germany -- from people congratulating him for taking a stand.
'Every one of them has been supportive,' he said."

I have a feeling Mr. Gates will be alright, even if someone foolishly decides to attempt to harm him. But it is also encouraging to know so many people heard about Mr. Gates' plight & have been supportive. Maybe the concept of Self Defense isn't as antiquated in this country as the anti-gun types would have us think.

& thanks to all the bloggers & readers out there who wrote about Mr. Gates & spread the word. It's not completely over yet, as they still have his shotgun, but I do believe that the interest generated by Kim du Toit, Rachel Lucas & Instapundit when they respectively posted about Mr. Gates got a lot of people to call & let Charleston know that a lot of people didn't like the idea of Mr. Gates being disarmed, let alone charged for doing what he thought was necessary. So thanks to you all.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Alphecca's Weekly Check on the Bias at Yahoo with New & Improved Graphics by Request is up (August 20th edition
Speaking of not spending a damn dime in a city or state that abuses its citizens Rights, may I direct your attention towards Chicago?

"...I immediately volunteered my FOID card stated my business and told them where to find my encased unarmed pistol. (Unknowingly I gave up my Miranda rights).
The police chose a different abuse for me, far more satisfying than death. Punish an innocent man forever, with a felony charge of unlawfully using a weapon I had never fired out side of a shooting range. But for transporting a weapon I was about to be charged with a Class IV felony, Aggravated Unlawful Use of Weapons (UUW)..."

This is from a letter written by Roderick Pritchett. Mr. Pritchett was arrested & is being prosecuted for aggravated unlawful use of a weapon. This despite the fact that the firearm in question was unloaded, cased & being transported in the manner prescribed by law. Mr. Pritchett also had a valid Firearms Owners identification Card. Aside from the arguments about the FOID card being a not-so-covert registration program, Mr. Pritchett was obeying eveyr unjust, unconstitutional morally decrepit law Illinois burdens its people with.

But go read the whole account. Think it couldn't happen to you? The odds are in your favor. But odds won't save you when some statist bastard picks you to make an example of. & if you're the type to assume that anyone arrested must have done something wrong, then don't be suprised when no one comes to your aid.

Even if Mr. Pritchett is aquitted, that will not erase the damage that has been done to him. But yet if he had resisted the unlawful actions of those slimy human-wannabes with a badge on thier chests, chances are he'd be dead. Tough world we live in isn't it? Be free & dead while your reputation is smirched for attempting to resist 'the law', or endure what Mr. Pritchett endured because you try to obey the law - even the unjust ones.

In any case, until Chicago & the rest of Illinois gets their act together & stops whipping people for exercising their basic Rights, might I suggest NC for your next vacation? lovely beaches, pretty mountains & open carry for everyone.

Seriously, if a place disrespects the Rights of its locals, you think you have a chance in hell of getting decent treatment? do a little voting with your wallet: don't spend money in places that wil use the money to tighten the chains it wants to place on its residents. Yes, that may inconvenience some of you. Course I'd have you ask Mr. Pritchett about inconvenience beofre i took you seriously. & no, chances are Chicago, NYC, L.A.. Boston - any of the places I'd ask you to avoid won't notice your cash not flowing their way. Not unless a helluva lot of us get together & stick to a formal boycott. But personally I'm glad that none of my tourism dollars paid the wages of the scumbags who locked up a man for carrying a cased, unloaded firearm according to their BS rules.

Click the link. read about Mr. Pritchett. Know that for the grace of God that could have been you. Know that for the grace of God that could still be you.

Update: The Spoons Experience has more on it.

Yet another reason to not spend a damn dime in NY.

"In the Capital District, a new program is being tried called 'Project Fed Up.'
The goal of the program is simple and laudable: If you have an illegal gun or use a legal gun in an illegal fashion, you are going to go to jail.
For a long time. Five years, at least.
Prosecutors in the Capital District have agreed to turn more gun cases over to federal authorities. Convictions for illegal gun possession are more aggressively pursued in federal courts, and the penalties are significantly more severe than mandated by state law.
The program philosophy seems to allow for no lapses, no slaps on the wrists, no slippery deals, and that's as it should be.
...The public's help is sought, and so there will be a marketing program promoting 'Operation Fed Up' that will let people know any legitimate information one has to offer will be acted upon.
If you have any information about the possession of illegal guns, call 1-800 ATF-GUNS."

So they not only want to strengthen the penalties for violating uncoscienable laws that infringe upon our Rights, they want you to snitch out your neighbor if he/she is daring to defy an immoral law.

Might I recommened NC for your next vacation? Lovely beaches, pretty mountains & open carry for everyone.

The Free State Project apperently has the support of New Hampshire's Governor

"...In late June, Governor Craig Benson (R-NH) met with members from the Free State Project (FSP) who were visiting to explore New Hampshire as a possible choice for the FSP. Benson welcomed the visit and noted that he had much in common with Free Staters. After careful consideration, Governor Benson has decided to sign on as a supporter of the FSP. While making no commitment to move with the Free Staters, he supports their efforts to reform state and local government in order to create a truly free society."

"...So it seems that anybody can still pack loaded pistols in City Hall. They just have to hide their heat.
The council is counting on the concealed-weapons permitting process to weed out the bad eggs, Heimlicher said.
That would be the same permitting process that the legislative gun nuts just made easier. Under a recent change in the state law, guys such as Ortega don't have to prove the need to carry a hidden weapon.
So it turns out that the new rule in Colorado Springs is not "no guns" in city-owned buildings. The new rule is "out of sight, out of mind."
As in crazy."

That is an excerpt from a piece written by Jim Spencer in the Denver Post. Apperently Mr. Spencer is not happy with a person actually exercising their Rights. Chances are he's not happy about people having the Right to Arms at all.

If you choose to read the piece linked above & you disagree with Mr. Spencer's take on the matter, please contact him & let him no you disagree.


"Drink Alcohol (optional), smoke Tobacco (optional), talk about Firearms (mandatory)!"

That's what's going to be going on in L.A. on ATF Night hosted by The Liberty Belles.

If you're not in L.A. you can listen live on the net. featured guest will be Gary Gorski, the attorney in the Silveira vs. Lockyer case. If you're unfamiliar with the case, look here, here, here, here & here for more info.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Now I have seen some very screwed up things from the BATF, that over-rated tax agency with delusions of being a legitimate law enforcement agency, but this latest waste of tax-payer money is just insulting.

The BATF has decided to put up a site that features cartoons that explains a firearms dealers legal responsibilities.

Don't get me wrong - I like cartoons. I still think that the original Bugs Bunny stuff was some of the best entertainment ever made. & there ahve been some decent cartoons since then. But an instructional cartoon to explain the unconstitutional laws that the BATF uses to justify its pathetic existence? & to make it worse, the first cartoon which deals with the NICS & form 4473 explains that it's legal to make a sale if the NICS hasn't denied it within 3 days, but the fictional store owner sets the example by waiting until he here's from the NICS check even after the 3 days.

Maybe this is all too sophisticated for me. I wonder where they keep the page with the cartoons that explain why the federal friggin government can ignore its restrictions on passing gun control laws in the first damn place? I obviously need to see that BATF cartoon on how the second amendment had the words "unless we really want to" added on the end in invisible ink.

& they mention that 'some states' require you to pass a written 'safety test' before any transaction can be completed. Last I heard, those 'many' states all rhymed with Galifornia.

Oh, but the quality of the cartoons! & to think, the person who masterminded the production almost let this unique calling pass him/her by!

They do a surpisingly spooky job of presenting all the government imposed burdens upon your Rights as normal & reasonable. It's almost as if their target audience wouldn't be happy buying a firearm unless they had government approval to make them feel special. Ya know, I think these statist bastards who made this animated insult to the taxpaying gun owners actually believe there's nothing wrong with making someone 'prove' themself worthy of exercising a basic Right, or that 'certain people' don't deserve to exercise those same basic Rights.

They explain about calling in the NICS check & what the dealer must do with the filled out Form 4473. They mention it must be kept in the dealers records & the NICS check number must be recorded on it. They don't mention a damned thing about all the places where gun registration form such as these were essential to the confiscation programs enacted later. I wonder why?

But they didn't foget to 'recommened' that any firearm always be stored unloaded & seperate from the ammunition. That way, should they (that overgrown tax agency known as the BATF) ever decided to knock down your door, they'll have plenty of time to stomp your kittens to death before you can do anything about it.

Speaking of which, isn't it a bit ironic that in real life the BATF stomps kittens to death, but no hint of that kind of behavior is seen in their cartoons?

Go see them for yourself at the above link. But prepare to receive a direct insult to your intelligence as well as realizing that your tax dollars paid for this animated 'educational' experiment.

More on the Colorado Springs city council that is afraid of armed citizens.

"The Colorado Springs City Council has waffled on its stated position of favoring open carry and concealed carry in city buildings, and residents should be none too happy, according to the Libertarian Party of El Paso County. The council voted 5-4 today, with the mayor breaking the tie, to ban open carry of firearms in city-owned buildings. Voting for the measure were four Republicans and one Democrat, and voting against it were four other Republicans.

Prior to the April election, all of the current City Council, excluding the lone Democrat, responded to candidate surveys, indicating in a positive manner that they would support open and concealed carry of firearms in city buildings. Since then that resolve has been tested by one citizen, Dan Ortega, who has carried a dissembled and unloaded shotgun to two Council meetings, making Council members unjustifiably nervous."

All this despite a provision in the Colorado Constitution that states "...The right of no person to keep and bear arms in defense of his home, person and property, or in aid of the civil power when thereto legally summoned, shall be called in question; but nothing herein contained shall be construed to justify the practice of carrying concealed weapons."
& lete's not overlook this little gem: "...Inalienable rights.All persons have certain natural, essential and inalienable rights, among which may be reckoned the right of enjoying and defending their lives and liberties; of acquiring, possessing and protecting property; and of seeking and obtaining their safety and happiness."

Perhaps the Colorado Springs city council should do a little reading of the Colorado Constitution.