Tuesday, April 15, 2003

April 15th. We're roughly 203 days away from the elections. 29 weeks or so. 6 &1/2 months more or less. Almost as far away from the elections as you can get in a calander year. What a perfect time for the government to extort from you! The idea is that in 6 &1/2 months you'll not be quite as angry about the money they take from you, so you won't have a problem voting for people who'll keep on taking & possibly people who will take more. A scam worthy of Al Capone.

On a more positive note it is officially "Buy a Gun to Spite Michael Moore Day". So go to your favorite gun store, go to your favorite sporting goods retailer, go to Wal-Mart if you must. But now's a good time to splurge on that firearm you've been thinking about buying. "Course, I imagine if you really want to tick of Michael Moore, you could always buy one gun at a store & buy another on the private market. I bet he'd hate thinking about how many people are buying & selling guns w/o paperwork or governmental permission.

But in honor of the usual significance of April 15th, I offer you these previous blogs:

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