Friday, April 04, 2003

In Colorado Senator Ron Teck is having second thoughts about charging people for background checks. I'm afraid though he didn't see that it was wrong to charge a fee for a background check imposed by government in order to exercise one's Rights. What he did see was a lot of voters in western Colorado who weren't partial to the idea of paying a fee to buy a gun.One such person was Linn Armstrong, a board member of the Grand Junction-based Pro-Second Amendment Committee

"Budget committee members have blasted special interest lobbies and lawmakers who opposed cuts or fees without offering alternatives.
But Armstrong has an alternative.
He proposes giving gun owners a $50 tax break for taking gun proficiency classes and $100 for the purchase of ammunition"

Of course it would make too much sense to eliminate the redundant check run by the state, but hopefully this foolishness of charging fees for state-mandated background checks will simply go away.

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