Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Geoff Metcalf writes about the Utah school in which 5th graders held a trial to determine if guns should be allowed in schools.

Other bloggers have covered this over the week but I can't resist the urge to at least post a summary:

"After lunch Monday, June 30, 2003, Miss Erickson's 5th graders, at So. Jordan Elementary, So. Jordan, UT, held a mock trial. The issue at trial has been the classic liberal wedge issue of at least the past three decades: Gun Control. More specifically: Should guns be allowed in school?"

Interesting so far, no?

"Each legal team consisted of five very bright 5th graders. Each side presented charts and facts to the jury, which was comprised of twelve 5th graders, half boys, and half girls. An "expert witness" on each side testified. The principal was subpoenaed for the "no guns in school" side, but he didn't show up for trial.

In the wake of about 45 minutes of intense debate, the jury left the classroom and deliberated behind closed doors for five minutes. The verdict: 12-0 in FAVOR of guns in schools."

So a bunch of 5th graders can argue effectively that civilian disarmament is bad policy. Another bunch of 5th graders can reason that the aforementioned 5th graders arguments were sound.

So why do we have an NRA who is afraid to take a second amendment case to court & a judiciary who constantly rules in favor of gun control laws?

They must have quit school in 4th grade.

But go read the whole thing. It's interesting.

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