Monday, July 14, 2003

A nice article on Linda Joy & her relationship with firearms.

"Before an ex-boyfriend surprised her with a day of skeet shooting in early 1989, Linda Joy had never picked up a gun. But after hitting 17 out of 25 clays her first time out she found it hard to put it down and has been shooting competitively ever since.
'I fired my first shot in 1989 and I started competing about six months later because I thought it would be fun just to see,' Joy said. 'I am a competitive person, it wouldn't be fun for me just to play a game. I have to beat some body at Scrabble, I can't just play Scrabble just for the fun of it'."

So 100% of nursing mothers surveyed in this article agree: guns are more fun than Scrabble.

BTw, not only is Linda Joy the proud parent of a 4 month old bouncing baby boy - she's "...the captain of the United States Women's team competing this weekend at Claythorne Lodge seven miles west of Columbus in the FITASC World Sporting Championship. The U.S. national team is made up of the top four or five point winners from he past year. Joy was named team captain for having the most points in the nation last season."

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