Thursday, August 07, 2003

Grass Roots North Carolina is not happy with the NRA. It seems that in addition to supporting a very questionable domestic violence law that would make it much easier to confiscate & register firearms the NRA has decided to file a 'defamation of character' lawsuit against GRNC.

GRNC has said some pretty unkind things about the NRA. Unfortunately those unkind things are factually correct. The NRA did do all the things GRNC has accussed it of. The only thing left to question is whether GRNC's conclusion of the facts is correct.

Personally I don't think there's anything to question at all. Ya see I too have written very very unkind things about the NRA. In fact I've written so many very very unkind things about the NRA that I've set them up in their own archive.

So what appears to be happening is that the NRA is trying to use the courts to stop a non-comprimising pro-gun group from informing people of the NRA's anti-gun activities.

So being a blogger who thinks actually doing something trumps just reading about it & getting pissed, I encourage you to use the following information (courtesy of GRNC) to contact the NRA & ask them - nay, demand that they stop wasting money try to shore up their tattered image through a civil lawsuit & instead shore up their image by actually fighting for the Rights they claim to champion.

NRA Institute for Legislative Action at:
NRA Board of Directors Members using the addresses below or GRNC's automated e-mailer at
For a complete list of NRA Board Members, many emails and phone numbers, go to
Here is a convenience list you may copy and paste into your email. Names with email and phone numbers are below. You will also find a link to find your representative at the end. We suggest using the bcc: field, but the to: or cc: field will work as well.
NRA-ILA phone number: 1-800-NRA-3888 (prompt #1 to resign memberships; prompt #5 for input on state and local affairs).
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