Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Through a collaborative effort (that means we yelled at each other 'til someone did something or another) there's a new blog to go to for information on shooting. It's called The Shooter's Carnival.

It's a group blog that concerns itself with the techinical aspects of shooting. There's already a few posts over there & so far the topics range from basic firearms safety to building an AR-15 from a parts kit. The goal is to provide help & advice to every level of shooter - from beginners who are considering purchasing their first firearm to people who have been shooting all their life & want to improve their technique a bit.

For the political stuff please visit the respective co-bloggers' blogs.

The Shooters' Carnival is brought to you by:

Boone Country
Hell in a Hand Basket
The Smallest Minority
Stop the Bleating

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