Monday, January 05, 2004

Lest I delay mentioning it any longer, a gentleman in Ohio needs your help.

Mr. Jeff Jordan of New Hampshire was traveling through Ohio. A state trooper claims he was speeding & pulled him over. Mr. Jordan was then searched because the trooper claims he saw a magazine pouch on Mr. Jordan's belt. Mr Jordan was arrested after it was discovered that he was wearing concealed weapons.

Naturally the press moved in to make Mr/Jordan out to be some sort of arsenal carrying extremist.

In Ohio the law is funny. If you have a weapon in the car it's a misdemeanor, but if the weapon is concealed on your person then it's a felony. Mr. Jordan is facing 2 counts of felony concealed carry.

Needless to say if he is convicted it will be bad for him, for according to federal law any conviction that could result in more than one year of incarciration disqualifies one from legal firearms possession, even if a sentence of less than a year was given.

But if Mr. Jordan wins then there's hope that the law in question which violates the U.S. & Ohio constitutions repsectively will be removed.

I won't try to decieve you: Mr. Jordan did not do this in order to challeneg Ohio's concealed carry law. He simply ignored a law that interfered with his Right to Arms. But don't let that stop you from helping him out if you are able. Despite this not being purposeful, it could still be helpful to those in Ohio & possibly those in other states. At the very least winning the case would help out Mr. Jordan, who was merely possessing the means of defense.

BTW, Mr. Jordan is known as Hunter over at The Liberty Round Table. while not a blogger Mr. Jordan is apperently a pro-Right to Arms activist with an online presence.

For more on this I refer you to this post, this post & this post (as well as a few in between) at End The War On Freedom, this post over at Musings of a Geek With A .45, & this thread at The High Road.

Donations to Mr. Jordan's legal defense can be made through

Keep And Bear Arms PMB # 141
15201 N Cleveland Ave.
North Fort Myers, FL 33903-2715
(239) 560-7566

(Checks should be made out to, with a note in the memo field or attached letter stating that they are for "Hunter's Defense".) has said it will create a web page for donations & I'll update this when their page for said donations is up & running.

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