Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Kids don't know their Rights according to this story in the Arizona Daily wildcat.

"Todd said the right that is being most threatened in today's world is the right to freedom of expression."

James Todd is senior lecturer for the political science department, & apparently clueless as to what state the 2nd amendment is currently in.

But the gist of it is that college kids simply don't know what cops can & can't do. There are a few appeals by students & cops for the kids to learn what their Right are.

& this is the correct way to go about it; a person should be entirely responsible for finding out what their Rights are & how far the government can go. But most kids are victims of government schools where basic Rights are denied while they attend & more or less they simply get accustomed to not having those Rights. You don't usually miss what you're never had & that tactic has been working well for government for some time.

But what happens when a person does know his Rights? Well, in this example he gets arrested & his daughter gets roughed up during the arrest.

Short version is this: a man was parked on the side of the road while arguing with his 17 year old daughter. Cops show up to investigate a domestic violence call (apparently some motorist claims they saw the man hitting the woman) & ends up arresting the man because he refuses to produce I.D. When his daughter steps out of the truck the cops throw her down & sit on her while they cuff her. It's only at this point do they ask her what happened.

He's appealing his conviction for "delaying a peace officer" to SCOTUS. Hopefully they'll hear the case & decide that a person's papers not being in order is not enough to justify an arrest, but I'm not holding my breath.

Thanks to Say Uncle for both of the stories.

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