Sunday, January 25, 2015


I assume that most folks that visit here are already keeping up with the other fine bloggers listed on the blogroll. Just in case it missed your notice I'd point you to this Examiner column penned by David Codrea in which he explains the allegations of fraud (by the presiding judge no less) against the ATFEIEIO and the DOJ in the Dobyns case.

I'm a bit rushed so no time for extensive commentary, and Mr. Codrea's piece has about all the information on the situation that's available, but I will point out that it'd be downright shameful if the mainstream media did not pick up on this story and run with it. Likewise, if any republican (or democrat for that matter) had a lick of sense, this case would be mentioned every time the question of the ATFEIEIO's or the DOJ's budget came up. 

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