Saturday, February 14, 2015

Humorous Valentinus

In honor of the occasion (otherwise known as SAD - Singles Awareness Day, or more ominously as VD) for your consideration I'll offer two videos. The first from our favorite Token Libertarian:

& the second from miss Chaka Kahn

Oh what the heck, let's make this a trifecta after this anecdote:

What Hollywood and its studios often do to movies is downright criminal and tends to show that the folks way at the top aren't exactly turning down offers from NASA on a weekly basis so they may become slaves to art. Case in point, after a very positive screening of a picture in 1961 an executive with the studio went on a mini rant about how he hated the most prominent song in the movie and wanted it removed.  This infuriated the star, one miss Audrey Hepburn, so much that she - well reports vary from her standing up and stomping her foot as she said he'd remove the song "over my dead body!" to a more profanity filled protestation of the proposal. The song stayed in and despite it actually being a nicely written (and nicely performed by miss Hepburn) little ditty for its genre it has, ever since, in elevators and dentist's offices across the globe, been butchered more mercilessly than an eraser at a budget meeting run by Democrats in an election year. Shame as it really is a sweet little tune. And here it is.

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