Saturday, January 02, 2016

Odds and Ends

Criterion is going to have Garand barrels in .35 Whelen available this spring. I assume they'll only be in the u.s.g.i. contour, though they do make tanker as well as gas trap barrels. You can also opt for one of their barrels in .308 Winchester as well as .270 Winchester, but .35 Whelen definitely has more punch than anything else offered (at least since McCann passed away and his .338 Winchester Magnum and .458 Winchester Magnum Garands went out of production).

Speaking of non standard cartridges for Garands,  Lothar Walther has Garand barrels in diverse chamberings. In addition to .30-06, .308 Winchester and .270 Winchester they have tubes in 7x64, 8x57IS, and 9.3x62.

Henning has made a "cone fit" guide rod for the Tanfoglio (EAA Witness) pistols for years. The shape of the rod reduces frame distortion that can occur with the factory guide rod and heavy loads, especially in 10mm and .45 ACP. Well now he has a variation on that, called "Last Defense". The muzzle end of the guide rod is sharpened into a spear point.

Being a firm believer in bayonets for long guns I of course wholeheartedly approve of this product. Henning notes that on long slide Tanfoglio's (such as the Limited, Stock III and Match) the spike will only protrude when the slide is locked back, which means you won't have to alter your holster.

Clement Custom Guns is doing a cool little conversion. If you send him your GP-100 in .357 magnum (along with some money) he'll send you back your GP-100 in 10mm. I'm tempted.

Course a 10mm is okay, but I do ponder getting a decent size pistol, say in .64 caliber. Not only would it be .14" better than a 10mm, but in that 1733 configuration it'll be great for non-permissive environments! Though even a flintlock pistol will still get you a felony indictment in New Jersey, but who'd want to go there anyway? Unless of course to liberate the place.


Fûz said...

Good to see you are still blogging.

Hey, synthesizing references to 10mm above, Tanfoglio and long slide---I'm been jonesing for an EAA Witness Hunter in 10mm.

I know it's no .41 Mag with a 15rd mag, but I am intrigued. Any opinions, mods, so forth?

Publicola said...

The only pressing thing about the Tanfoglio's is they tend to be a bit under-sprung (at least in 10mm0, and the guide rod could fit the frame a little better. So get a recoil calibration pack from Wolf Gunsprings along with a cone fit guide rod from Hennings, or get a Sprinco recoil system.

Hennings sells a bunch of other upgraded parts for Tanfoglio's (ambi safeties, grips, mag extensions, flat triggers, fiver optic sights, etc), so browse over there for ideas on modifications. But out of the box I'd think the Hunter should be just fine once you get the recoil spring weight/guide rod situation straight.