Friday, May 12, 2017

My Bullets. Mine. My Mags Too

Living in a ban state is damned aggravating. A few observations though:

I've become even more aware of vendors listing restrictions on their sites. For example Centerfire Systems has a page devoted to restrictions among the various states. I'm not just picking on them; many other sites have something similar (Luckygunner for example), and usually a statement that they follow all federal, state, and local gunowner control laws.

Contrast that with Buffalo Bore:

"First, it should be noted that no matter how unfair, unconstitutional, (read illegal) or draconian any state, city or county decides to be with their anti-gun laws; it becomes their problem/responsibility to enforce the laws they pass. It is not our responsibility to enforce their laws. In fact, It is impossible for us to know what gun related laws exist (they may change often) in every local across our nation, so we focus only on Federal laws and make certain we are in compliance with those...

If you are a resident of any of those states and are worried about being in compliance with their anti-gun laws, it becomes your responsibility as a resident, to comply with the laws where you reside or are ordering from and having the ammo shipped to…..we frankly disagree with the legality of laws that infringe on our 2nd amendment rights and as mentioned above, if any governmental body within the US wants to pass unconstitutional laws, we are not going to help them enforce such…..they will have to figure out how to enforce laws they passed."

 Now that's the right attitude.

In Colorado it's agin the law to possess magazines that hold over 15 rounds they weren't owned before 2013. (Course that law conflicts with the Right to Arms as enumerated in 2 constitutions, and the Interstate Commerce Clause in the federal constitution. I've discussed two ways to end the damned thing here and here.) I can't order magazines that hold more than 15 rounds online because all the vendors I know have a policy similar to Centerfire Systems.( Apropos of nothing in particular, Cheyenne is a lovely drive.) I can't even pay for it and have it shipped to someplace it's legal to possess due to my billing address being within a ban state. In effect, Centerfire systems is helping Colorado enforce its damned law. Hell, even most sheriff's around here won't enforce these damned laws, so why should a merchant from another state do Bloomberg and Hickenloopers dirty work?

I'm not pissed to the point of not doing business with them or any other company with such a policy, but if I'm in need of ammo and Centerfire or Luckygunner has it on sale while Buffalo Bore has it at regular price, I'm likely gonna buy from Buffalo Bore.

If only Centerfire and the other purveyors had the right attitude - "Governor Bloomberg has made his decision; now let him enforce it!"

Speaking of Bloomie the Hut, I notice a lot of folks are linking to stories on Bloomberg owned enterprises. I won't. That nasty little NYC fascist bought out the governor and legislature of my state to push through unconstitutional and immoral restrictions on my Rights. (I wouldn't be surprised if he owns a judge or five either.) I won't link to any of his sites, not even to mock him as he so desperately deserves. I won't even open them up if I see "bloomberg" on the left side of the url.

Why folks keep linking to his sites I don't know. Nor am I asking for an explanation - that's something they have to answer to themselves. I'm sure they have reasons. Me, I have reasons to not promote his interests in any way. 202 reasons actually. That's how many minutes it takes me to drive to get standard capacity magazines now.

A person can be a law abiding gun owner or an American. The more laws they pass that intrude on Rights, the clearer that distinction is going to get.


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Will said...

Along this line, not long ago CA went after several vendors that marketed refurb kits for magazines. Claimed that they were selling to CA residents in violation of CA law. The stories never indicated that it was even proven they had done this. Ended up costing those businesses some money. How are they doing this?