Friday, February 23, 2018

What Do You Call Fuddites On Skis?

 The u.S. Olympic Biathlon team, sadly enough.

Over at National Progressive Radio I found this piece from early February on the plight of the poor, underfunded u.S. Biathlon team. If you got a little miffed at miss Dunklee's comments towards the end of the article, get ready to hold their beers:

One of America's Best Marksmen on Gun Control: "There's just no reason for assault rifles to be in the hands of ordinary citizens"

 The quote in the headline was from Lowell Bailey, who is the u.S.'s first world cup champion. Here's the full quote:

“We’re a sport that uses a .22-caliber rifle,' Bailey said. 'A .22-caliber rifle that shoots a single round is a much different thing than an AR-15. In my opinion, there’s just no reason for assault rifles to be in the hands of ordinary citizens.'
Bailey said he does not own an AR-15 and has no desire to get one.
'I have no interest in owning a weapon that can kill another human being – that’s designed to kill another human being,' he said. 'And to do it in an expeditious way. Why is that allowed? It’s maddening.”

Not content with turning his back on fellow gun owners, Bailey asks us to hold his beer while we're still holding his beer:

“There was a time in our country when the means to defend yourself against an oppressive government was an appropriate justification,' Bailey said. 'That time has passed.'
He paused for a second before continuing: 'That’s a debate. But I think there needs to be a respectful dialogue, an open dialogue without special interests involved. It’s time our politicians sat down and made some tough choices. What’s more important? Owning an AR-15 or having innocent school children get killed?” (emphasis added, stupidity as in original)

I'll go ahead and point out the obvious - if a person wants a respectful dialogue then perhaps they shouldn't imply that you owning a rifle causes the death of youngins. It tends to insinuate that the person one wants to have a conversation with is a child murderer, which is usually not taken well. It also leads to the conclusion that the asker not only failed in basic logic, but his parents were remiss in the use of a hickory switch to instill basic manners.

Any sympathy I had for their funding plight has evaporated, along with any desire to watch them or support them in any way. 

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Will said...

I stopped watching Biathlon when they switched from military rifles to .22, as that seemed to be a deliberate attack on the original basis for the Games. That was probably the last martial connection they had. Long time now since I've bothered watching the Olympics at all. Basketball? Really? Pppbbbtttt!!! (trying to be polite)