Friday, February 28, 2003

Denver Mayor Wellington Webb agrees to 8 out of 12 items in a proposed settlement offered by the ACLU over the Denver PD's 'spy files'. The 'spy files' were kept by the Denver PD on people whom they viewed as suspicious including various civil rights group members & leaders even though there was no proof of criminal activity. The guidelines for inclusion were based on having reasonable suspicion which is a much laxer standard than probable cause.

The 4 issues that he wouldn't agree to are:

"• That files be kept only when police officers have "probable cause" to believe the person or group is involved in criminal activity.

• That intelligence files cannot be maintained on crimes of terrorism.

• That the lawsuit be kept open indefinitely and that the ACLU be allowed to comment on future policy revisions.

• That the city pay attorney fees to the ACLU.

Although Webb said the city would consider the request for attorney fees once officials know how much money is involved, he called the other three issues 'deal-breakers'."

This from the city where they want to protect their constitutional right to infringe your constitutional rights.

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