Sunday, March 02, 2003

Delta will start using a new passenger screening policy which will tap into databases to assign a threat level to each passenger. Also look here.

The Bush adminestration is establishing a biometric identification system to prevent terrorists from entering or exiting the country. In effect this would eliminate the need for national identity cards & passports & such as the identifier is already on you. Although some, such as Rowland Nethaway, the senior editor of the Waco-Herald Tribune will be disappointed if national I.d.'s are by-passed.

The U.S. defense Department has already issued millions of dollars in grants to research TIA - the Total Information Awareness Program. Also look here.

A judge has rejected a challenge to the FBI's spy power in the name of fighting terrorism.

Gov. Pataki of NY had an anti-terrorism bill rushed through the NY Senate which broadens local & state police powers. While the NYPD has restrictions on information gathering lifted.

John Wlalters, Washington's "Drug Czar" refused to disclose how much he spent to defeat a Nevada initiative which could have legalized marijuana in that state. He also has a complaint filed against him under the hatch Act, which restricts the campaign activities of federal employees.

In an internal memo from 2001 the FBI warns agents to be aware of those who mention the U.S. Constitution.

The FBI admitted owning a small plane that has worried some people in Bloomington, Ind. After initially denying knowledge of the plane they claimed it was being used for anti-terrorism surveilance but said no threat was known to the town or the state.

5 jurors have demanded a new trial for a man they found guitly on federal counts related to his growing & distributing marijuane for medicinal purposes, which is legal under California law. The jurors were never instructed concerning California law since he was being tried under federal law, & the judge forbade the defense from bringing it up.

The proposed Patriot Act 2 is causing concerns over eroding civil liberties. Also look here, here, & here.

Britain & other EU nations could have their citzens extradicted for 'thought crimes' that occur on the net..

Armed Females of America find it suprising - not that the above kinds of laws are being passed & enforced, but that people can't believe it's happening in America. C. Bradley Thompson may have the answer to the Armed Females of America's question.
Libertarians believe the government is failing in its duty to protect the people & spending too much taxpayer money in its efforts.
Ron Paul (R-Tx.) is concerned about civil liberties. & Prof. Eugene Volokh warns us of the 'slippery slope'.

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