Tuesday, March 18, 2003

In Canada there seems to be a lot of citizen support for citizen self defense. Mr. Shand King is being charged with numerous offenses in connection with his shooting at thieves that broke into his business. To add insult to injury, the authorites have dropped charges against one of the robbers in exchange for testimony against Mr. King.
But the good people of Canada are contributing to his defense fund.

"A trust fund in support of a storekeeper who allegedly shot at would-be thieves is growing by leaps and bounds, says an anti-gun registry advocate.
'The support is good and there has been quite a bit of action,' said Jim Turnbull, president of the Canadian Unregistered Firearms Owners' Association."

Unregistered Firearms Owners Association. & we make fun of Canadians? For some more info on Canada's attempts to confiscat...er register firearms ( got a little ahead of myself) please look here.

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