Friday, March 21, 2003

Two members of the citizen border patrol group Ranch Rescue have been arrested by Texas Rangers due to accusations from two illegal immigrants that they were pistol-whipped.

This is from Sierra Times. It's an account of citizen patrols on the border encountering large groups of illegals & receiving little support from the Border Patrol. It's written by Chris Simcox, editor of the Tombston Tumbleweed.

This is an article from the Washington Times which reports that the senate seems to find fault with border security. However they seem to be placing the blame on faulty operations at entry points. They mention nothing of the hundreds of miles of unchecked border in which there are no security checkpoints.

But the solution does not seem to be increasing patrols along the U.S./Mexico border, nor is it supporting the individuals who do so out of a sense of necessity. It obviously involves arresting Canadians who live on border towns & dash across the border for cheap gas. After all, if Canadians started buying up our remaining fuel supplies, such as this one did, we'd be in worse trouble than if hundreds of terroists slipped into the country with chemical & biological weapons via Mexico.

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Update: the CIA says several Iraqi's who may be carrying chemical weapons are being hunted in Mexico. Meanwhile Mexican officials deny a search for Iraqi terrorists is being conducted in Mexico.

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