Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Remember Lautenburg? No, not the unconstitutional gun law that is also an ex posto facto nightmare. I'm talking about the (ahem) man behind the immoral legislation. Senator Frank Lautenburg. The one who won the election after he illegally replaced Torricelli. Well he's apparently not learned anything in his two years off as he vows to continue the fight for victim disarmement.at the expense of the Constitution.

"And aides say he his working with allied groups to propose new firearms restrictions, such as a federal ban on the high-powered ammunition used in the sniper shootings around Washington last year.

Lautenberg said his colleagues turn to him as a credible voice. 'Everybody knows I'm not afraid to fight for things I believe in," he said, "and I have the experience and knowledge to go with that'."

A federal ban on hi-powered ammo? Since when is a varmint cartridge considered hi-powered ammo? The .223 & 5.56x45mm cartridges he speaks of aren't legal for deer hunting in any state that I know of, yet they're hi-power now because some very disturbed person killed several people within 125 yards with it?

I wish he would not only gain some actual experience & knowledge of the subjects on which he purports expertice, but perhaps become more than passingly aquainted with the Constitution. ( all together now - Federal gun laws are constitutionaly prohibited)

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