Thursday, March 13, 2003

Remember Omayra Soberal? I'm afraid that's all any of us can do now. Ms. Soberal has died as a result of her gunshot wounds.

This is from a Jersey City Reporter article written the day after the shooting:

"Julio Reyes was always a perfect gentleman and a quiet guy," said Councilman E. Junior Maldonado. Maldonado said he had known Reyes for nearly 20 years.
"He should be remembered as a police officer and family man," Maldonado stated. "And not for the last few seconds of his life."

He should be remembered as a murderer. In fact, he should be resurrected so we can execute him.

This is from the article concerning her death. Jack Furlong is an attorney for the family of Ms. Soberal:

"The circumstances of Omayra's death were both tragic and avoidable," Furlong said in a statement. "Her death was unnecessary ... Unfortunately, domestic violence recurs in our community, despite all of our efforts. We intend to find out what happened, why, and what might be done to redress the problem."

What happened? A woman was murdered.

Why? Because as much as we try to deny it there are people in the world who will do harm to others.

What might be done to redress the problem? In Ms. Soberal's case, I'm afraid nothing can be done.

For society in general? Start teaching people that they are responsible for their own defense. Cops cannot help them. Neither can restraining orders. Learning about self defense can.

Start stressing that cops are human, subject to acts of good & acts of evil & acts in between.

Stop prosecuting people who do defend their life, even with unregistered arms.

Stop making it difficult for citizens to have the means of self defense.

& the first thing a judge should do when he deems there are grounds for a court protection order is not tell the potential victim everything will be o.k. now that the government is involved. The first thing out of a judges mouth should be, "Are you armed?".

The second should be, "If you're not & cannot afford arms we have developed a temporary arms loan program so you won't have to rely on us, because frankly we probably can't help you."

The third should be, " Several officers & private citizens have volunteered to teach basic marksmanship & self defense & are on call. Would you like some training right now? We recommend it immedietely & will provide transportation & ammo for you."

& the last thing a judge should say after issuing a court protection order is, " We'll notify the media to add this persons name to our Citizen Award fund. This is a program we've set up that publicizes the names of people who are prohibited from stalking or harrassing someone along with a list of prohibited addresses. Any citizen, including yourself who shoots & kills this person at the listed locations will receive $1000 tax free. If this person is shot outside the listed locations a review board will determine if you are entitled to the full amount or just a percentage."

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