Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Jeff Cooper's Commentaries.

I found this while searching for something else, as is often the case in this world. If you're not familiar with Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper he is a very experienced firearms writer. He did his time in the military, was a history professor & has written quite a few books as well as countless magazine articles. He teaches marksmanship, both basic & advanced. His views on the proper use of the rifle will make you re-think the way you shoot & he's no slouch when it comes to pistol-craft. He was one of the main drives behind the Bren-Ten & the 10mm cartridge in the early 80's & he came up with the 'Scout Rifle' concept in the mid 80's. Last but not least he is credited as being the founder of 'practical marksmanship'. Many of his techniques that were innovative when he first began teaching them are now basic training in military & police departments.

If you're not familiar with him then you should rectify that. The above link is a good start. He currently has a column in Guns&Ammo magazine. If you find he seems to know what he's talking about, then perhaps you should look into his books. I would recommend Art of the Rifle as a good one to start with.

This has been your public service announcment.

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