Monday, May 05, 2003

Keep & Bear tells us that the Cato attorneys have asked the NRA to butt out of their court case that challenges the D.C. gun ban.

An excerpt from the Keep & Bear story:

"The CATO lawsuit was already tackling the D.C. gun ban -- the redundancy, coupled with the complication NRA brought in, will cost time and allow anti-gunners to rally against us. CATO's suit didn't go after Ashcroft and thus won't bring the full weight of the Justice Department and their competent attorneys with unlimited resources in as defendants. Is NRA really this stupid? Or do they actually need help on their case -- help from the superior legal team at CATO? Or, worse yet, are they deliberately trying to sabotage the CATO case? Few could deny that NRA is seeking to hog some credit for the good work of others -- especially so since the NRA hasn't filed a pure Second Amendment case and pursued it to the Supreme Court since their founding in the late 1800's. Perhaps it's all of the above."

The story has links to various backgorund material such as motions filed by the Cato attorneys to seperate their case from the NRA's. It also covers the charges made by the Cato attorneys that the NRA counsel is engaging in professional misconduct & is damaging their case.

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