Monday, June 30, 2003

NJ is in for a rough time: the Smart Gun has been invented.

NJ, if you recall, passed a law a few years ago that said 3 years after a working, practical Smart Gun was invented, that all handguns sold in NJ must be smart guns. Police are excepted of course.

From the above link:

"The O'Dwyer VLe - the world's first totally electronic handgun live firing prototype - is Metal Storm's "smart gun". With advanced access limiting features, the O'Dwyer VLe operates without any mechanical moving parts. The only thing that moves in the weapon is the bullets.
Developed specifically for use by the military and police, the O'Dwyer VLe provides authorised operators with immediate and uninhibited firing access, while denying firing access to unauthorised operators, thereby reducing the likelihood of theft and accidental or unauthorised discharge resulting in death or injury."

I am not sure, since this Smart Gun is for Police & Military use only, if NJ will use it as the first working Smart Gun to implement their legislation. But my hunch is they will.

Here's the link to the video demo of this Smart Gun.

I admit it's an interesting concept, being all electronic. However this means gunsmiths will now have to have a degree in electronics. I can see the Help Wanted signs at gun shops now: Part -time Hackers needed. Apply within.

Still I'll hang onto my antiquated mechanical firearms. There's soemthing much more satisfying about stoning a sear to get a crisp trigger pull, as oppossed to downloading a lighter trigger pull program.

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