Saturday, July 05, 2003

Now this is damn funny.

"BERLIN, July 2 — Stung by criticism, the Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, suggested today to a German member of the European Parliament that he would make an excellent leader of a Nazi concentration camp."

More or less the new head of the EU, the Italian Prime Minister was being criticized because a law recently passed that granted immunity to heads of Italian government. This law stopped a trial in which P.M. Berlusconi was a defendant. Signs were held up calling him a "Godfather" at teh EU meeting in question. When A German Representative Martin Schulz (who just happens to be a Socialist) raised questions about P.M. Berlusconi's integrity in the matter of the new law & his trial. The PM shot back with the following:

"Mr. Schulz,' Mr. Berlusconi said in reply, cocking his head to one side and smiling, 'I know there is a man in Italy producing a film on the Nazi concentration camps. I would like to suggest you for the role of leader. You would be perfect."

Is it just me or is that too funny? I'm no fan of the EU but at least it looks like it'll be interesting for the next little while.

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