Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Our tax dollars are being used to demonize guns among children. At least in Aurora, Colorado that's what's happening.

"The U.S. attorney's office distributed $25,000 to the Downtown Aurora Visual Arts (DAVA) organization for the 'Drums Not Guns/Safe Circle Project.'
In addition, urban police departments, including Denver, Aurora, Lakewood and Colorado Springs, received $50,000 each for programs designed to reduce gun crimes and enhance local enforcement."

$25,000 from the feds to teach kids in Colorado that guns are bad but drums are good. Obviously the feds have never met any drummers. While I will always support any private funding for promotion of the arts, especially music, I'm generally against tax money going to promote it. Then again I'm not at all sure I'm in favor of tax-payer funded public schools. But there is no question that tax money should not be used to prejudice kids against an inanimate object that is constitutionally protected.

"The kids also made posters spreading the word that more than 95 percent of their peers in their middle school think there are and should be alternatives to violence."

Yes, there should always be alternatives to violence. But unfortunately in this world there sometimes aren't any alternatives. At least not acceptable ones.

Our kids are being taught fear & hatred of inanimate objects while being taught a strategy known for its ineffectiveness called appeasement.& it's being done with our tax money.
A guy in Idaho worked hard all summer, as did a lady in Pittsburgh so that kids in Colorado could learn to hate the very objects that could keep us from being killed, or worse still - enslaved. That's definitely progressive taxation.

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