Wednesday, June 25, 2003

When is the Use of Force Against Government Officials Justified? That's the question J.J. Johnson asks.

"There are many that passionately say they will never give up their guns. Others claim the government has no right to tell a person (especially a woman) what to do with their own body (flesh and blood). Is it therefore okay to allow the government to ‘take’ your own flesh and blood simply for not bowing to their authority?
This article should not be construed in any way to condone violence. But if the event that the Bryant or any other family facing the same peril makes it clear that the sovereignty of their home would be defended against government overreaching with whatever force at their disposal, this author would not have too much difficulty justifying their actions - even if they didn‘t live through it."

The Bryant family mentioned above are deserving of as much sympathy & material support as we can give them. The government transferred custody of the Bryant family's children to the department of Social Services ( DSS, or more appropriately SS) because they refused to force their kids to take a standardized test. No abuse, either physical, emotional, psychological or sexual has been alledged. They simply did not want their kids taking a test. They home school. They have the notion that they know their kids better than the government & that they'll decide how smart the kids are.

So when the government comes to take away your kids because you didn't file the appropriate paperwork, would you think force was justified to protect yourself & your loved ones?
Perhaps more importantly if the government came for your neighbors kids would you just watch helplessly out of your window & thank God it isn't you, or would you help your neighbor? Even if that meant taking up arms against the government?

Tell me what you think.

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