Saturday, June 21, 2003

This ought to make you feel all warm & toasty inside. In Colorado a couple was detained by armed guards while the state ordered & carried out an injection on their newborn daughter against their wishes.

This started because of a doctor urging the prents to sign a consent from to allow a vaccination. when the couple refused the doctor contacted teh SS (Social Services) & they in turn arranged for an emergency hearing of the matter, saying it was a matter of life & death that the baby receive the shots within a few hours.

"Faced with opposition from the parents over the vaccination of "Baby M," the doctor called in hospital social service worker Joni Vohs, who reportedly threatened the parents with the loss of custody of their baby if they did not comply with the vaccination schedule.
Next, hospital administrators called in attorneys who persuaded Chief District Court Judge Charles Buss to hold an emergency, after-hours hearing at the hospital on the basis that the baby's life would be in danger if she was not vaccinated within hours. The family was given 15 minutes' notice of the hearing and was unable to secure competent legal help in time.
As the father describes it, he went up against a 10-person panel of attorneys, social workers, hospital administrators and the doctor who argued for the immediate vaccination.
The father pleaded for second opinions. He also pleaded for the judge to wait for the results of a more confirmatory test which were scheduled to arrive in 16 hours.
During the four-hour hearing, the father cited the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and Colorado revised statute, which states there are religious, medical and philosophical exemptions to medical treatment.
Rather than share the 19-year-old's passion for U.S. constitutional history, the lawyers reportedly mocked him.
"When I was reading, the lawyers were whispering back and forth almost laughing at me," the father told WorldNetDaily. "In retrospect, reminding them of the Constitution hurt me more than it helped."
The judge ruled the baby should be vaccinated immediately and also ordered her put into protective custody with the Mesa County Department of Human Services, which the parents were told meant social-service agents had the ability to intervene in the medical treatment of the baby at any time and could take physical custody of the baby if deemed necessary to "protect the child's best interests."

Now keep in mind the couple & the article itself provide plausible reasons why vaccinations are not neccessarily beneficial for the child. But a judge placed the perceived interests of the state above the Right & Duty of parents to provide for their child as they saw fit.

Chief District Court Judge Charles Buss. Social Service worker Joni Vohs. Remember their names & explain why you refuse to do any business with them should they come your way.

Course, maybe it's caused I just watched the movie the other day, but how the hell is this - in principle- any different than Napoleon taking away Jessie's pups in Animal Farm? Personally, I wouldn't have blamed the father or mother if they took out as many of those statist thugs as necessary to protect their child from the threat they perceived.

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