Monday, September 01, 2003

An 85 year old British subject was fatally stabbed in a home invasion.

"An 85-year-old retired butcher who was stabbed to death after he got out of bed to confront burglars would not have thought twice about tackling the men and 'having a go', his family told police.
Eric Hingston was found by his wife Audrey, 81, with a stab wound to the neck in the bedroom of their flat in Plympton, Devon, at 3.50am yesterday."

Sadly, in Great Britain this is preferable to having a person use deadly force in justifiable self defense.

"Det Chief Insp Tony Carney, who is leading the investigation, said: 'It is a tragedy that this should happen to elderly people enjoying their retirement. It ranks among the worst crimes I have seen in 29 years' service'."

Really? I'd think that disarming an entire people & making them subject (pun intended) to the whims of criminals in & out of government would be the worst freakin' crime that has happened in the last 29 years. Although to be fair it started quite a while before that.

But the detective in question needn't worry about that. ya see he's a member of the elite class - government employees. he can be armed. He can defend himself with minimal risk of prosecution.

The blood of Mr. Hingston is not soley upon the hands of the man who stabbed him, but on every freakin' cop & lawmaker who made damned sure that Mr. Hingston couldn't defend his own life. It's on every jurist & juror who voted to convict a person who defied the law by having or using an implement in self defense. & it is on the entire populace of Great Britain for allowing themselves to be turned into a sheep like people with an abhorence for self protection & those who practice it.

But I cannot scream across the ocean too loudly because the same things are happening bit by bit here.

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