Thursday, September 25, 2003

Do you cringe every time you hear the song "Bad Boys" when flipping through the channels? Does the flashing blue light on T.V. make you brace yourself for the blatent pro-LEO propaganda that is sure to follow? When humming that song do you find that the thought "cops are better than ordinary people like you & me" flashes through your mind?

Well at long last I've found the anti-dote: Copwatch.

Actually its an idea that is obviously launched & crewed from the left side of the spectrum, but nevertheless I find it a bit refreshing.

It's not quite my ideal, which would be to show cops as humans capable of errors & the system being bent all to hell if not in fact broken, or perhaps citizens successfully standing up to &/or prebenting police abuse but it's all we got right now.

Of course it'd be cool if the producers of Cops & similar shows allowed me to just insert commentary over an episode or two for perspective. Instead of people seeing a police officer frisking a guy for everybody's safety that he/she stopped to ask some questions, you'd see the images along with a quick recitation of the 2nd, 4th & 5th amendments followed by an explanation of why the cop just through some of the highest ideals of the framers out the window because that's what they taught him/her at the acedemy.

But my dream would be to feature the BATF. Then again a cursory glance would probably make people think they were watching a bad juxtaposition of F-Troop, Hogan's Heroes & 1984.

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