Monday, September 22, 2003

Now I don't want ya'll to get the wrong impression: I'm not a hard core "States' Righter" to the exclusion of the individual. I don't want the federal government to have as much control as it currently does, but by no means do I think the states are incapable of intruding upon an individuals' Rights.

This is an example by my home state of violating its' citizens Rights:

"At 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, morning a state of emergency was declared in Northampton County.
Tuesday, Gov. Mike Easley declared North Carolina to be under a state of emergency...Effective as of 8 a.m. today, the sale, consumption, transportation or possession of alcohol is prohibited in Northampton County 'except possession and consumption is allowed on a person's own premises.' Additionally, 'there shall be no sale or purchase of any type of firearm or ammunition, or any possession of such items along with any type of explosive off owner's own premises."

So in a declared state of emergency not only are the sale of firearms & ammunition forbidden, but their possession outside your property is as well.

I shouldn't ride to hard on NC for having this 'power', as if you'll look in the section of your states' law dealing with emergency powers chances are you'll find something similar. If memory serves (though I'm too tired/lazy to look for a link right now) NC, Colorado & a few other states even have explicit langauge allowing for the confiscation of firearms in a declared state of emergency.

So when a citizen may need his arms the most, the state steps in & forbids you to carry them outside of your property. It forbids purchasing any ammunition for them should you find yourself uncomfortably low & in an extreme it may even require their forfeiture. All at a time when the police are even less effective than usual in stopping crime as it happens. & should you be so distraught after the state takes away your arms in such an 'emergency' you can't even walk to the neighborhood bar & have a drink or twelve!

What were the arguments against anarchy again?

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