Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Random Acts of Kindness has a post about home schooling. A Regional Superintendent of Schools want families who home school their children to provide proof to him that schooling is actually occuring.

From this article:

"Home-school families is Bureau, Stark and Henry counties should not expect a truant officer to come knocking this fall.
But Regional Superintendent of Schools Bruce Dennison said he still expects those families to provide him with proof that schooling is taking place.
Such proof, Dennison said, must include information about "who is being schooled, who is doing the schooling" and verification that the curriculum is comparable to the subjects taught in public schools."

Well, if parents wanted curriculum comparable to what's being taught in public schools, they'd be sending their kids there wouldn't they?

Most parents want to home school their children for two reasons: Quality of education & accuracy of education. They figure they can teach their children as, if not more efficiently than public school teachers & they won't have to spend time unteaching their kids they lies, fabrications & myths taught at public school.

I highly recommend that anyone with school age children pick up a copy of Lies My Teacher Told Me by James W. Loewen. You will notice a left leaning perspective when reading the book, but that shouldn't distract you too much from the factual errors that are pointed out.

But I wonder what Regional Superintendent Dennison would say if a parent reported that they are instructing their children for 6 hours a day about how the Constitution limits the size of government & that most social programs, including federal funding of schools, are outside the bounds of constitutional limitations?

Do ya think there'd be any adverse reaction if a prent told Superintendent Dennison that at least once a week part of their child's education involved punching holes in a paper target 100 yards away with an object that was constitutionally protected by an amendemnt in the Bill of Rights?

Read what Random Acts of Kindness has to say. There are some interesting links at the bottom about home schooling.

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