Monday, September 15, 2003

Via The Serfdom Times I found this:

"On Friday, September 12th, the Treasury Department issued a 'Media Advisory,' calling on all of the nation’s media to have reporters and cameramen at the headquarters building of the U.S. Treasury Department next Tuesday at 10 AM where they will announce a 'New Partnership' between the IRS and nine States 'to fight abusive tax avoidance.'
Obviously, the government’s intent is to have the media shower the Nation with a blanket of propaganda by flooding Tuesday evening TV and Wednesday morning newspapers with its biased, one-sided story..."

< sarcasm > The government? Our government? biased towards its own interests? Say it ain't so... Next you'll be telling me that they can pass gun control laws despite the Second Amendment! < / sarcasm >

"To this we say, 'No Answers, NO Taxes.'
At 10 AM Tuesday morning, former IRS Agents Joe Banister, John Turner, Sherry Jackson, along with We The People’s Chairman Bob Schulz and We The People Congress National Director Devvy Kidd will be standing outside the Treasury Department’s main entrance at 1500 Pennsylvania Ave. They will hand the arriving reporters a packet of materials documenting aspects of the income tax fraud.
They will also hold a sidewalk press conference immediately following the conclusion of the 11 AM Treasury press conference. Banister is a CPA and former IRS Criminal Investigation Division (CID) Special Agent. Turner was a former IRS Revenue Officer for a decade and Jackson is a CPA/CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner) and former Revenue Agent that was assigned to an elite IRS fraud detection unit.
On Monday, We The People will distribute a press release announcing its intentions to provide the press with the other side of the story including the government’s continued refusal to answer crucial questions regarding the legal jurisdiction for the income tax and the patently unconstitutional means utilized to force it upon the People.
We realize the media traditionally quotes, without serious interrogation, the voice of “officialdom” and typically pays little heed to the sovereignty of the People and their rule- book – the Constitution of the United States of America. We also realize that the silence of the People is acquiescence.
With that in mind, we call upon all concerned Americans to demonstrate the courage of Joe, John and Sherry by joining them on Tuesday morning in DC. Let’s catch the eye and ear of press and expose the improper collusion of the federal government with the state taxing authorities as they attempt to delay the ongoing collapse of the income tax fraud.
Remember: the Constitution can’t defend itself. The People must defend it. Please join us.
One final note, as is our custom, we must remind everyone that images are important, so please dress appropriately and be respectful."

Of course I expect the mainstream media to either ignore Mr. Schultz & the We The People's demonstrations or to downplay them as a lunatic fringe group that's lost touch with reality. Still, if anyone sees any coverage of this please let me know.

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