Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Hillary Clinton is upset that the Chinese Government has edited parts of her book for content.

(Much to the dissappointment of Kim Du Toit, the words "died suddenly" were not mentioned in the article.)

"The 466-page Chinese edition of Living History -- a best seller -- does not contain Clinton's comments about the 1989 Tiananmen Square democracy protests. A segment about Chinese-American human rights activist Harry Wu is reduced to almost nothing and refers to him as a spy awaiting sentencing."

I'm not suprised. China seems to have taken Orwell's 1984 as a How-To manual rather than a warning.

"Asked why she thought the censorship occurred, Clinton replied: ''Why does any government keep information? They want to control the opinions and minds of their citizens.''

She should know.

I wonder if she just feels that way because it's her book?
Lemme see.

"Asked why she thought gun control laws were passed. Clinton replied 'Why does any government want to keep weapons away from civilians? They want to control their citizens by force if necessary".

Nah, I can't see her being that honest unless... scratch that. I can't see her being that honest.

"In a section eliminated from the Chinese translation, Clinton says she is ''haunted by the events at Tiananmen.'' Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of unarmed civilians were killed near the square when troops and tanks smashed their way into the center of Beijing to crush the protests on the night of June 3-4, 1989."

If Hillary was so freakin' concerned about an abusive government slaughtering unarmed civilians then why the hell does she look at every new gun control law like a sailor on his first leave in six months looks at a hooker?

''Bill and I debated whether we should attend a ceremony in Tiananmen Square, where Chinese authorities had used tanks to forcibly suppress pro-democracy demonstrations in June of 1989,' Clinton wrote."

I wonder if there's some Chinese politician who had reservations about attending a cermony in Waco, Texas?

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