Wednesday, October 01, 2003

We The People is not happy with the latest move by the IRSS.

For some time now We The People has been attempting to have their questions about the I mean Internal Revenue Code answered. the IRSS has shucked, jived & generally avoided any direct answer to their questions.

The thing that has really infuriated We The People happened last week at a conference held by the IRSS to better coordinate I mean enforcement efforts with the states.

From the We The People:

"Adding insult to injury, and making matters worse for the government, Johnston’s NYT article the next day quoted a response he received (off camera) from Terry Lemons, a senior IRS spokesman. Johnston asked Lemons why the IRS is not answering our questions. According to Johnston, Lemons said the government is answering our Petition through 'enforcement actions.'
To this we unequivocally state again, 'No Answers, NO Taxes.”

So now We The People is offerring advice on how to deal with the IRSS should they come to your door seeking protection, I mean taxes.

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