Thursday, October 23, 2003

Neal Knox has some info on the latest string of BATF abuses. It involves a very hazy area of current gun control laws which makes it a felony to deal in firearms without a license & 8 collectors in the St. Louis area.

"Vaguely defined 'unlicensed dealing' carries more severe punishment than some willful violations by licensed dealers – plus the potential forfeiture of every gun in a collection, and the loss of gun ownership rights, firearms hunting rights, and often even voting rights – for life.
In addition to the ruinous legal costs of fighting a felony offense punishable by up to five years imprisonment and $250,000 fine, the St. Louis collectors – five of them 60 to 79 years old – have had 572 firearms seized.
Their guns were already the subjects of civil forfeiture suits. And the criminal indictments also demand their forfeiture – including antiques which are not subject to the Gun Control Act."

& you might be wondering why the individuals in question didn't just get a license to deal in firearms? Well, they can't.

"The eight collectors are in a Catch-22. They do not qualify for an FFL under the laws and regulations imposed during the Clinton Administration, which upped the $10 annual license to $500 and required licensees to have a locally sanctioned business with special security systems and regular hours.
Those changes succeeded in meeting President Clinton’s stated goal of reducing the number of dealers – which dropped from about 260,000 to less than 60,000."

This is nothing new to those who have been keeping up with the BATF's criminal antics. & to those who thought this kind of thing would change since the BATF made the move from the Treasury Department to the Justice Department - nope. Business as usual.

Read Neal Knox's article. But remove any breakable objects from your immediate area. Twice your immediate area if your last name is du Toit.

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