Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Rick Stanley has a blog. There's two audio posts on it which update the situation a bit. These posts were made by a fellow named Doug Kenline, who appears to be a friend of Mr. Stanley's & was more or less interviewing Mrs. Stanley in those posts.

For your convenience you can find the audio posts in which Mrs. Stanley discusses her husband's plight here & here.

The gist of it is around 12 P.M. on Saturday the 18th, the police executed a bench warrant for failure to appear in court. He's being held without bail. His wife is planning to go see him. She had tried to see him earlier but she was told there was a problem with the elevators at the jail & no visitations were being allowed until the elevators were fixed.

End The War On Freedom has even more details, most interesting is this item (scroll down to the 10.18.03 entry) from The Sierra Times:

"In case you haven't heard yet, a large SWAT team captured Rick today. He had left his compound to travel to Boulder to eat with friends that had come up from Austin Tx. to visit. They were in the car with him. He managed to get back to his compound when they crashed into his vehicle two separate times. Dozens of officers surrounded their vehicle with guns drawn. He chose to give up, out of concern over the three other passengers in the vehicle. A statement will be posted on his web-site and go out in the SCOOP alerts soon. As far as I know right now, they aren't calling for an armed Pact Alert, but rather for legal counsel from within the Pact."

& here is a Vin Suprynowicz column that discusses Mr. Stanley's original trial, just to remind you of what the main issue is all about.
& this is the Rick Stanley web page that details Mr. Stanley's original arrest & trial for carrying a weapon openly.

Hmmmm. Even more details can be found at Rick Stanley's web page. If you scroll down just a bit you can find a press release in the right hand margin that deals with a notice of Mr. Stanely's warrant for not appearing in court & his promise to issue warrants for two judges. That could explain the FBI presence during his arrest.

There's more on Mr. Stanley's site. Quite a bit involves his call to arms against the powers that be. A prosecutor would only need to submit Mr. Stanley's URL for a conviction on just about any conspiracy charge involving violence against the government you can think of.

Now personally I haven't hearf many good things about Mr. Stanley. Since those things are mainly unsubstantiated opinions I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. I've seen some of his legal, political & philosophical arguments & I think he's on the correct path, just a little detoured. I definitely don't agree with everything he says.
However that is beside the point. With all his faults Mr. Stanley was arrested for carrying a weapon openly. That's a Right acknowledged by the U.S. & Colorado Constitution. He was arrested purposely because he wanted to challenge the denver law in court. He did so but under very suspicious circumstances.
So in the end whether you agree with his approach or not (I assume you at least understand his frustration) at least concede that he is one of the too many whom have been jailed for merely exercising a constitutionally acknowledged Right.

Of course, more on this as I find out.

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