Friday, November 07, 2003

On this thread over at The High Road, a member asks for help:

"A friend of mine voluntarily surrendered his weapons collection to police (why is a VERY long story), with the understanding that they would be returned. The chief of police has decided that they will instead be destroyed "in the interest of public safety". NRA has been notified, but any suggestions as to other things that could be done? Or anyone out in that area that may be able to help?"

He further explains the circumstances:

"A bit more detail might help, I suppose...

My friend had gotten a bit drunk, and was busy being sick in the bathroom after getting disconected from his wife on the phone (she works ren faires all over the country). When she couldn't get him back on the phone, she panicked and called the po-po. They asked on arival if there were any weapons in the house, and he told them where everything was and what condition it was in (loaded/unloaded). They asked if they could remove them temporarily, and he said yes (I know... BIG mistake)...
He was never charged with any crime, and volunteered to go to the hospital. He was told that, upon review, his weapons would be returned. The chief's letter said they would be destroyed "in the interest of public safety", barring an order from a court or the DA...
Is this making anyone else think someone's trying to pull something? Two of the weapons confiscated were a)Type 8 Arasaka and b)NCO's katana, both still possessing their crests..."

& further he states:

"there were no comments made at any point about hurting anybody. his wife called the police because she was afraid he was having a VERY bad reaction to the alchohol (which he was, just not as bad as she thought)..."

& still further:

"There's nothing barring him from owning/possessing a weapon. Zip, nada..."

If any of y'all know a gun friendly attorney in the St. Paul, Mn. area please drop me a line & I'll forward the info to him. Or sign up at The High Road & leave a reply to his thread.

I'll try to find out more details & contact info so we can attempt to use our great powers of inquiry & influence into the matter. Then again, this sounds like a job for Instapundit!

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