Monday, November 03, 2003

& y'all please welcome Nicki. I had asked her to join this blog a few months back, but between writing for several pro-Right to Arms groups, raising a family, going to school & working too many jobs, she's been a little pressed for time.

Needless to say that while the opinions of Nicki do not neccesarily reflect those of this blog or any other co-bloggers past, present or future, they probably should as they are well reasoned, articulate & generally correct on most things. Actually I find myself in agreement with her quite frequently & any criticisms of her opinions might as well be addressed to me.

I'll have a bio up of her shortly, & feel free to view her latest piece over at Armed Females of America called It's Time For ACOUNTABILITY when it comes to Firearm Safety

& on the good advice of Jeff at Alphecca, we won't change the name of the blog to PubliPundit or the Publicola Conspiracy as previously contemplated.

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