Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Bloombergs Money Was Well Spent

The Colorado House State, Veterans and Military Affairs committee met on Monday. Up for consideration were 5 pro-gunowner bills.

HB15-1127 would eliminate civil liability for businesses that allowed folks to carry concealed within their establishments.

HB15-1050 would repeal the state's universal background check law.

HB15-1009 would repeal the magazine capacity ban.

HB15-1006 would make the CBI respond to applicants for NFA firearms within 5 days of receipt with either an approval or a denial with an explanation of said denial. 

HB15-1049 would expand the state's "make my day" law to include businesses.

All except HB15-1006 were killed by a 6-5 vote along party lines. HB15-1006 was killed 7-4 with Dan Thurlow (R) joining the democrats.

If you're wondering why Thurlow would vote this bill down, so am I.

Meanwhile the Colorado Senate's Judiciary Committee passed out the 2 pro-gunowner bills it heard that same day on party line 3-2 votes.

SB15-086  repeals the universal background check law.

SB15-032 is a permit-less carry bill (person must be over 21 and only concerns handguns).

The Senate bill will go on to a full vote in the Senate, then if passed will head to the House, where likely they'll be sent to the same kill committee and be killed. Though it is possible with enough pressure they could pass. Possible is distinguishable from likely I'm afraid, but I see no reason to not apply as much of that political pressure as possible, if for no other reason than to make them squirm.

I could find no archived video of the hearings, but there is audio.

Here's a link to archived audio of committee hearings. I couldn't find one for the Senate judiciary committee hearing. On the left hand navigation bar under House Committees click the State Veterans and Military Affairs link and look for February 2nd 2015.  This will open a pop up where you can listen to the hearing if you have a little over 9 hours to spare. I just started listening and they seem to be alternating between pro and anti testimony.

In another post I'll try to wade through some of what was said.

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